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FDK Series CNC Wire Cut Machine

FDK Series CNC Wire Cut Machine

Product Details:


Product Description

  • Lowest Running Cost
  • Reusable Molybdenum wire
  • Multi pass facility (optional)
  • It has options of High speed and Medium speed
  • High accuracy and ne surface quality can be achieved in higher speeds Coolant oil is used as dielectric / Low cost soap gel can be used as cutting oil Maximum cutting speed 180mm2/min
  • Low cost
  • Low Maintenance
  • Function of taper processing
  • Functions of interpolation of straight line and circular arc
  • Automatic centre nd, edge nd operation and pulse at wire break
  • Function of memorizing when power off and auto-stop after processing
  • Auto lock after giving run command
  • Good rigidity, running placidly, strong function, convenient and reliable operation